Meet Our Team

Our 2019-20 team is comprised of 11 girls in grades 10-11, all of whom are hard working students dedicated to promoting and supporting the Marlbots mission of empowering young girls and participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge.


Sofia Simon-Trench

Co-Captain & Hardware Lead

Hi, my name is Sofia and I am a junior. This is my second year in FTC and my first year as co-captain of the Marlbots!  I am known as the “resident CAD expert” on the Marlbots and think I am the only person here who actually enjoys doing CAD! On the team, I manage all things hardware including but not limited to the technical notebook, tool safety, mechanism and full robot design.  Outside of the marlbots, I like to walk my dog, watch TV, and CAD.  


Emma Cruz

Co-Captain &  Software Lead

Hi, I’m Emma, and I’m in eleventh grade. This is my second year in FTC, and my first year as co-captain of the Marlbots! On the team, I spend an excessive amount of time coding our auto, and I am also one of the drivers . Outside of robotics, I love to read, occasionally spend hours coding some fun project, and am pretty obsessed with Taylor series. I also enjoy playing basketball, solving Rubik’s cubes, and baking.


Catherine Or

Game Lead

Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m in eleventh grade. This is my second year in FTC and on the Marlbots. I enjoy the hands on aspect of robotics as well as creating quantitative scouting sheets. I really enjoy playing basketball competitively, solving Rubik’s cubes, spending time with friends, and being active in general. I am also known for always having a large supply of snacks in my lunchbox.


Charlie Reardon


Hi! My name is Charlie, I’m in tenth grade, and I go by they/them pronouns. This is my third year of doing robotics at Marlborough. Despite my excessive complaining, I don’t actually hate CADing. (please don’t tell Simon-Trench) I jump around in every part of robotics, except for coding because I am *not* good at that, but mainly I consider myself the comedic relief of the Marlbots.  Outside of robotics I have practically no free time because of choir, theater, and schoolwork. When I’m not doing that? There’s a 33.33% chance I’m watching YouTube, a 33.33% chance I’m hanging out with Jordan, and a 33.33% chance that I’m doing both at the same time.


Charlotte Cox

Marketing Lead

Hi!!! :) I’m Charlotte and I am in tenth grade. This is my ninth year of doing FIRST, my third year of doing FTC, and my second year on the Marlbots! This year, I am the Marketing Lead, which pretty much means I do the business-y stuff. I love talking to people and keeping things organized!!!! In my free time, I am on a crew (rowing, the sport in boats) team that practices seven days a week!!! :)


Isabelle Shapiro


Hi, I’m Isabelle, and I’m in eleventh grade. This is my first year in FTC and I’m so excited to join the Marlbots! I love coding in general, but I’m not really sure how that will translate to robotics or what, exactly, I’ll be doing to contribute to the team yet. Outside of school, I spend nearly every waking hour at the pool training with my swim team. I also love writing, playing piano, and any sort of sport/exercise.


Jordan Ellis


Hello, Jordan’s my name and robotics is my game. I’m in tenth grade and this year marks my third year in FTC. I love the engineering side of robotics and you will generally find me working on the robot. In my non-existent free time, I also play the flute and horseback ride competitively. How I find time to sleep and do all my schoolwork is a mystery to me. 


Leah Dimsu


Hi, I’m Leah and I am a sophomore. I’ve been doing robotics for 3 years and have been on the Marlbots for 2 of them. I love fabricating parts of the robot and sometimes helping with coding the robot. During my free time, I enjoy swimming, soccer, and reading. I also play the clarinet and am learning to play water polo.


Nina Fischer


Hi, my name is Nina and I’m in tenth grade. This is my third year on a FTC team, and my second on the Marlbots. I love building any part of the robot I can and it’s not uncommon for me to be found fiddling with robot mechanisms or with a keps nut or allen wrench in my pocket. When I am not actively doing robotics, I am usually talking about FTC and the FTC community! I also love to dance, read and bake/cook just about anything.


Shine Park


Hi, I’m Shine and I’m a sophomore, and this is my second year in robotics. I enjoy building and testing parts of robotics. Outside of robotics, I enjoy watching Netflix, procrastinating, and training for archery. 


Tommie Lee

Outreach Lead

Hi I’m Tommie, and I’m a Junior! This is my second year in robotics, and my first year as Outreach Lead for the Marlbots. I love using power tools and meeting new people (not necessarily in any order). I mainly communicate with mentors and other robotics teams within our area, but I also enjoy getting hands-on with robot assembly! Outside of robotics, I’m training for the LA marathon, and I enjoy making video edits and anything worm on a string related :)

Meet Our Mentors

We are extremely lucky to have three teachers at Marlborough who are able to help us in the process of designing and coding our robot!


Mr. Andrew Witman

Marlbots Coach, STEM+ Program Co-Head

Hi, I’m Mr. Witman, and I'm the coach for the Marlbots. I actually started robotics when I was in high school on FRC team #190, and I was on the pep squad. I even played the trumpet at the world finals. I started teaching robotics with an FLL team in the Bronx where I was at for three years, and I have been at Marlborough ever since - 10 years, now!

2019-02-05 15.13.33.jpg

Dr. Darren Kessner

Computer Science Instructor, STEM+ Program Co-Head

Hi, I'm Dr. Kessner and I love math and computer science.  In my spare time I like to study projectile motion, usually with multiple objects.  Ask me and I'll show you how to throw, catch, and iterate.

2019-02-05 15.11.37.jpg

Dr. Lee Hamill

Science Instructor

Hi, I'm Dr. Hamill! When I started teaching at Marlborough two years ago, I thought I would just be teaching physics. Last year, I discovered the fun and excitement of robotics at Marlborough and have been a mentor to the teams ever since. It is so rewarding to work with such a motivated group of students, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!