Meeting Other
FTC Teams

Work Day with the Muses

FTC Team 5325 the Muses is an all-girls team from Archer School for Girls. They were founded in 2017.

We have had a wonderful relationship with FTC team 5325
Muses this year! They recently started up their team, and reached out to us in September for advice on running a team.
After hearing that they did not have a field to practice on, we invited them over after school one day, and had an amazing work session!

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Work Day with the Stardust Engineers

FTC Team 15532 Stardust Engineers is a team from Felicitas and Gonzalo High School for College and Career Prep. They were founded in 2018.

We had a great time meeting with the Stardust Engineers!
We invited them over for a work session, where we gave them some tips for their Engineering Notebook, as well as helping them further improve their autonomous program. 
We had a lot of fun meeting with them, and we hope to invite them over again later in the season!