Our Partnerships

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LGBTQ+ of FIRST strives to raise awareness of the LGBT community within FIRST Robotics.

The Marlbots has been working with them since the 2017-18 FTC season, and are now a Gold Partner!


Some of the highlights of this partnership have been our "Rainbow Saturday" and "Rainbow Thursday" events at West Super Regionals in 2018, and at Houston World Championships in 2019.

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FIRST Ladies

FIRST Ladies aims to support and encourage girls on FIRST robotics teams, and to foster connections between girls around the world.

The Marlbots are so excited to begin working with them during the 2019-20 season as a Regional Partner!

We can't wait to plan events and promote equality and support throughout, and beyond this FTC season.

Our Sponsorships



We've been using CAD a lot more since the 2017-18 season, the first season we modeled our entire robot using CAD. This year, we wanted to explore in-CAD testing and simulating so we would be able to test if parts functioned the way we intended before actually building them.

Simscale, a program that can perform simulations on CAD parts was perfect! We reached out to them and were graciously offered a software package worth $10,000. We can't wait to use their amazing software in our design process this year. 

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Our robot from the 2018-19 season, Sally Ride, was invited to be a part of a TV show at ABC! Bringing FTC to this TV show was a great way to spread FIRST to a wider community, and we can't wait to share more information about it when the show comes out in March.


We received our Glowforge Laser Cutter in Spring 2018, and have absolutely loved using it for our second full FTC season this year.

We reached out for a sponsorship in Fall 2018, and were given a custom referral link from Glowforge that allows us to receive credit if other people purchase laser cutters through our link!  

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Studio Printing

This is the third year that we have worked with Studio Printing, and we absolutely love their work! They have given us credit for up to $200 of their shop's work, and have provided us with our posters from both last year and this year. 

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Actev Robotics

Actev Robotics is a company that designs and manufactures electric drivetrains for robots. We reached out to their company this year, and they graciously provided us with a $150 sponsorship.