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Back to School :)

Hello Everyone!

We are back and better than ever. We have hit the ground running, and are ready for a great season! This week was our first week of school, so as you can imagine it has been pretty hectic here. Because the game hasn’t been released yet, we’ve been practicing skills that we think will be helpful for the coming season, such as cow bungee jumping! :) This was an activity that we did to practice making calculations for quantitative decisions, and we had a lot of fun throwing cows connected to rubber bands over the edge of the building. On the Marlbots team, the group that could get the closest to the floor without hitting was Emma Cruz and Sofia Simon-Trench, the two captains!

Over the summer, they worked hard and redesigned a portion of the engineering notebook. With some key changes being the elimination of the module notebooks and the reorganization of our team plan, we are excited to test out this new and improved notebook!

With Kickoff next week and only one class next week due to Labor Day and our class retreats, we are in the final period before we get caught up in the whirlwind that is designing a robot. We will try to keep everyone as updated as possible while still planning for the new game!


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