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InterLeague Tournament Recap

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we have updated everyone on our progress, so we would love to give a quick update!

On Saturday, February 9, we attended one of the Los Angeles ILTs and headed out to Monrovia on a bright and chilly morning. After doing our judging presentation (we were the FIRST ones 😜), we headed back to the pit to get ready for the morning matches, and before long, we were queuing up for our first match!

Our autonomous worked pretty well, but just as we were preparing to compete in tele-op our wire for one of our extending arms got caught under the electronics panel, making us unable to pivot our arm. Despite not being able to collect minerals, we were still able to push some around, and won our first match. After the match was done, our pit crew assessed the damage, and temporarily fixed things using our trusted Gaff tape.

While the pit crew was making all of the necessary tightenings and adjustments to prepare our robot for our second match of the day, our drive train broke! They quickly made a temporary fix, and we moved onto match number two. Although we had some problems turning our robot because of the broken drive train, we still did okay, but were unable to latch.

As we moved into our lunch break, our amazing pit crew was able to work during that time and fixed the drive train by the time we were queuing for Match 3!

After we finished our qualification matches, we ended up being placed second overall, and so had to make a decision for what we wanted to do for alliance selection. Though it was a very hard decision, we ultimately chose team 4628 Suitbots and 7553 Team Loki for our alliance!

As we were second seed alliance, we first went up against the third seed alliance, which consisted of 9887 RoboVikings , 15161 SaMoVar, and our sister team 11770 Curiosity! We were able to win two matches out of three against them, and moved onto finals!

Finals was against the first seed alliance, which consisted of 9512 Hippie Bots, 4625 Kings and Queens, and 9881 Golden Gears. Though we lost the first match, we won the final two, and were officially the Winning Alliance Captain of ILT! Also, our first match became the highest scoring match in California, with it being 370-300, and the third match of finals was the second highest scoring match in California at 325-365.

At the award ceremony, we won the Design Award, and we were so proud to see our sister team, Curiosity, win numerous awards as well.

We just want to thank our amazing alliance, SuitBots and Team Loki, our incredible sister teams, Curiosity, 12997 Cosmos, and 14917 Asteria, and our wonderful mentors, Mr. Witman, Dr. Hamill, and Dr. Kessner, for the support throughout our season so far.

Thank you so much for staying updated with our team, and we hope that you continue to watch as as we continue to Regionals on Saturday, March 9th.

Until then,

The Marlbots 3526

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