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Meet 0 Recap!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Hi everyone!

Well, we are back in it again! We had Meet 0 on Saturday, and, surprisingly enough, every single robot was able to move around and score! Absolutely crazy. The highest score match of the day was 38, and we are so excited to see how the scores grow as the season goes on!

It was a very tight schedule, as we started building the robot literally THE DAY before the match. However, we were able to get it done and program great auto and tele op codes! Overall, I would say that we were happy with how we did, but for Meet 1 we are really focusing on getting our robot improved in a few different areas:

1. Get the foundation mover working more accurately

2. Add more to the auto code

3. Get the placing mechanism working

We also want to send a huge congrats and good luck to all of the other teams, both in our league and out of it! Good luck to the teams that have meets coming up, and congrats to everyone for doing so well!

Right now, we have about four of the people on the team heading over to EcoSense to give a demonstration about FIRST, FTC, and the design process. As such, they are getting the robot ready to go, as well as bringing last year’s Sally Ride to give a complete demo! Can’t wait to hear how that goes and we are super excited to continue spreading the word about FIRST.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


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