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Meet 1 Recap!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020


I am so excited to give you all an update on what has happened since the last Meet. Believe it or not, we managed to get all of our goals done in time for Meet 1!


1. We remade the foundation movers, so now they work without a hitch. I may be incorrect, but I believe that we were able to move the foundation in autonomous and endgame in EVERY SINGLE match!!! We are all very excited as that is one of the higher scoring items.

2. Our next goal was to get the auto code to do more things. Right now, there is not much movement during autonomous, so we have decided that we really want to get a lot done during this time. We know that we are able to move the foundation and then cross the alliance-specific center line and were able to do that in every match!

3. Finally, we added an entire new set of mechanisms to the robot in time for meet 1: the lift and placing. Last match, we were only able to “place” the blocks by running the intake very quickly and then hitting something to get the stones out by inertia, but now we are able to stack! In the matches, we got the highest stack of the day with 5 blocks tall. As we get further into the match, we want to get more driver practice so that we can stack more quickly.


Because we blew through that last list of goals fairly quickly, we have a new set of stuff we would like to accomplish by Meet 2!

1. Create a capstone mechanism so that we can save a trip to the depot during endgame.

2. Get more driver practice so that placing is easier/come up with a new strategy that would include involving our partner?

3. Adjust the linear slides so that we can get more torque, speed, and power.


Well, as you can see we have tons to do! We are also so excited for the scrimmage we will be having for Grandparents and Special Friends Day this Friday! The four Marlborough teams will all be having a match to demonstrate the robotics program, and we are in the final crunch time before that. Also, we are about to order the new shirts and sweatshirts (hint: they look exactly the same as last year), so we are going to look great for Meet 2!

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone and we hope you have an amazing week off filled with family and lots of food.

Until next time!


The Marlbots 3526

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