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The Final Countdown

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lapse in updates, but we are here with a new one! We are in the final stages of prep for our final league meet (#3), and we can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Because of this quick turnaround, we are also prepping for ILT next week. So many things in these following days! The field is set up, the tables have been labeled, and now we are just waiting for the morning for the excitement to commence.

On another exciting note, we have an amazing outreach opportunity for next week. Our robot from last year, Sally Ride, now has a bigger acting career than nearly everyone at Marlborough! It is playing a role in an undisclosed TV show, and our two drivers Emma and Sofia are also going to be in it. We can’t say what it is yet, but keep an eye out for a later update!

In terms of ILT, we almost have our notebook printed, our judging presentation has been worked on, and our posters are almost ready to be printed. We can't wait for ILT!

If we don’t see you at Meet 3 or ILT, have a great New Year’s!


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