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We are BACK!!


Hi everyone,

Whoops! It has been a while since we've updated the team blog. While this is very unfortunate, our lapse in updates comes as a result of our intense robot building! We are hard at work

getting ready for the LA Qualifier and we can't wait to see you all there.

In the A1 League, we ended up in 2nd Place after Meet 3; we are so excited to celebrate our sister team, Curiosity (#11770) who came in 1st Place!! Heading into LA Qualifier, we will be competing alongside our three sister teams: 11770-Curiosity, 12997-Cosmos, and 14917-Asteria. We hope the tournament goes well for everyone!

At present, we are printing/laser-cutting the final few pieces and putting the final touches on the robot. The next week or two will be dedicated to working on the Engineering Portfolio, the Judging Presentation, and the Robot Code. It will be a lot, but we are really excited to get ready for Qualifier!

If you are another team competing soon, GOOD LUCK! If you will be attending the LA Qualifier, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US! Otherwise, HAPPY TUESDAY!!


The Marlbots <3

P.S. - We are hoping to get this blog back up-and-running and will have more updates soon!

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